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Emtone is the first and only device that delivers both thermal and mechanical energy to treat the six leading factors of cellulite.  It simultaneously emits radiofrequency and targeted pressure energy. The combination of these two energies achieves a result that neither can on its own.  Results can be seen as early as the first session.

Areas of The Body Emtone Treats

Emtone can be used to treat cellulite in the following areas:

  • Buttocks
  • Front and Back of Thighs
  • Inner Thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Love Handles
  • Arms

What To Expect

Treatment Duration - 5-15 Minutes depending on the area

Recovery Time - None

Number of Sessions Required - 4 Sessions

Discomfort Level (0-10 Scale) - 2 minimal discomfort

Results Last - Up to 6 months



Emtone requires no special preparation and has no downtime.  Ultrasound lotion is applied over the area of treatment. The Emtone applicator is then moved over the skin in circular motions in the direction of the body’s lymphatic drainage.  Clients state it is very similar to a hot stone massage with intense mechanical vibrations.  Treatments last between 5-15 minutes depending on the area of treatment.

Emtone results are sometimes apparent even after the first session! Results last up to six months.

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